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Electronics Clean room

Electronics & Micro-Technologies Cleanrooms

Clean Modules is one of the leading cleanroom and laboratory installers for the electronics and micro-technologies industries. We have completed a varied range of electronics, semiconductor and nanotechnology research and production cleanroom facilities, our experience in the industry, with designing and installing high specification cleanrooms and laboratories, makes us the ideal partner for your cleanroom project.

They are fascinating projects for us to be involved with. Micro-technological research touches upon a broad array of disciplines including chemistry, biology, physics, computational science and nano-engineering. Like information technology, micro-technologies have the potential to impact virtually every industry from aerospace and energy to healthcare and agriculture. Today, many industries such as semiconductor and chemicals are already creating products with enhanced performance, based upon components and materials with nano-sized features.

Our track-record includes cleanroom facilities for the following applications:

  • Electronics

  • Nanotechnology

  • Semiconductor

Previously Completed Cleanroom Projects

Nanotechnology Cleanroom - Taylor Hobson Ltd

Taylor Hobson Ltd.

Leicester, United Kingdom


Semiconductor Cleanroom - The University of Warwick

Semiconductor Cleanroom

The University of Warwick, Coventry, United Kingdom